Valentina Acosta Giraldo was known as a swimming athlete and footballer. But in Tokyo Olympics 2021, she surprised a lot of people when competing in archery. More than that, her breathtaking beauty got the spotlight in this sports tournament.

Colombian Archer’s Breathtaking Beauty

Valentina Acosta Giraldo is only 21 years old now. She is a professional archery athlete from Colombia. This young girl won the victory in Madrid 2019 World Archery Youth Championships in Spain 2 years ago. That victory gave a ticket to Tokyo this Olympics season.

Born into a sporty family, Valentina has taken in many sports, such as swimming, football, and archery. But she is the most excellent at archery. With talent and hard training, the young girl got a slot in the national archery team of Colombia. Valentina and her teammates are competing in Olympics 2021 in Tokyo now.

Apart from her passive talent in sports, Valentina also got the spotlight for her sweet and innocent beauty. She has a pair of big eyes which are really attractive. Therefore, this girl appeared very frequently on newspapers and social media threads.

The beautiful archer often keeps in touch with followers through photos of her in daily life. She has got over 200 thousand followers. Besides her innocent face and sweet smile, Valentina also has a sultry body shape that can take your breath away.

Valentina soon became viral and she got many interviews with sports newspapers. Talking with World Archery Sport about the reason she joined archery, she was interested and fell in love with this sport after reading books. She found the true passion to pursue when start to play this sport.

The young girl is getting great attention and love from sports fans and Olympics audiences thanks to her beauty and talent.

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