A dog has become a social media star after he interrupted a live weather forecast to get all the attention of his human. Watch viral video below:

A golden retriever who wanted attention did not care if his owner had work to do. He sought all attention of his human and he got it.

Paul Dellegatto, the chief meteorologist at Fox News 13 Tamba Bay, was delivering the weather update from his home when his pet Brody decided to interrupt the live broadcast.After Brody “knocked the computer with his head”, Paul asked the pet to climb up in his lap. He then continued with the weather update while telling Brody, “That wasn’t quite smart.”Paul then pets the dog while delivering the weather report and tell him that they are going to eat after work is done.

The golden retriever then ran across the room to find out who was holding the blanket to prevent refections in the room.The anchor in the studio remained calm and said, “This is amazing. I love it. We don’t need to see that forecast map, we’ll just look at Brody.”While Paul apologised for the interruption, the anchor didn’t mind it at all. “That’s alright Brody! We enjoyed every moment of that,” she said.Brody’s appearance during the broadcaster was a hit among social media users who suggested that animals should be part of newscasts all the time.

One user said, “I love that he has a picture of his dog on his desk in the background. Loved this and seeing the love for your pup. So sweet!” Another wrote, “I love how calm he is about it. Shows his true love for this pup and dedication to his role.”

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