George Boateng, a man from Ghana who now resides in Japan has made some profound comments after he was asked in a live interview if he will ever return to his home country. Chris Vincent, who interviewed the gentleman, and shared a snippet of the video on his personal Facebook handle which has gotten a lot of Ghanaians pouring out their opinions.

According to George Boateng, he is having a really good time in Japan with his family and nothing at all will make him leave to come back and stay in Ghana.He indicated that the main reason for his decision is that Japanese care about human life and even that of animals compared to what happens in Ghana.

“God helped me to get here. What am I going to do back in Ghana? Here, we are well taken care of. In Japan here, even dogs are sent to the hospital in ambulance. I will never go back to Ghana. Even if I die, I don’t want my body to be sent back to Ghana,”
he said: George also added that Japan is so developed that even a cemetery there is more beautiful than Ghana’s presidential palace. In his own words: A cemetery in Japan is more beautiful than Jubilee House.

Watch Video:

Below are what social media users in Ghana had to say about George Boateng’s comments:
King Dennis mentioned: Chris I can boldly tell you that even Europeans are some decades behind the Japanese in terms of infrastructure n many things.. you can be there and see it yourself.
Naakor Ashong indicated: Ghana is a peaceful country but you need to work hard not one job oo before you can survive here. Sometimes I ask myself those who are not working how are do they manage to survive in this system? Hmmmm….I pray everyone get something to do.

Meanwhile, a gentleman called Achabu who is popularly known on Twitter as Dr Wilson has shared amazing transformation photos that are getting many social media users thrilled. Along with the pictures on his personal handle, @1achabu, the gentleman indicated that nobody is really ugly except that their living conditions make them look bad. Achabu who hails from Ghana was a science teacher at the Akuse Methodist Senior High School in the Lower Manya Krobo District of the Eastern Region of Ghana.

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