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Upcoming actress Oto Abe (no connection to the Prime Minister) has recently been expanding her range of activities.

In addition to her performances as a key member of Four Dollars Fifty Cents, the theater troupe established by AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto, she has appeared in TV dramas such as “Ossan’s Love” and “Good Wife,” she’s a semi-regular cast member on TV variety show “London Hearts,” and she has acted in films such as Keiichi Kobayashi’s 2019 “He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die” which was screened at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival.

Since June 2019, she has also been a regular model in fashion magazine with, and she has recently been making appearances as a gravure model in magazines such as this recent shot from the June issue of BOMB:

To her fans’ surprise, Abe announced on her Twitter account that she would be appearing on the Nippon TV variety show “Sorette!? Jissai dounano ka” 「それって!?実際どうなの課」(June 3, 23:59 JST), and was participating in a challenge to prepare for it!

Apparently, the show wanted to see if the young actress could “get curves” by doing a rigorous regimen of hula hooping for only one week.

Hula hoop is known to help form abdominal muscles, not to mention the additional slimming benefits of a good cardiovascular workout, so it certainly makes sense that it could help.
“I really tried hard, so please watch the show!,” Abe tweeted enthusiastically.

Reactions from her fans included:
I’ll watch! I’ll watch! I’ll watch!
I’m looking forward to seeing those “curves”
Wow! It looks like quite a challenge but it also sounds fun!
So how did it work out?

As many of our readers probably suspected, seeing significant changes after only one week is a somewhat unreasonable expectation. Not that there’s anything wrong with being happy with your body the way it is already, but if you are aiming to customize your appearance in a certain way, it’s common sense that a gradual approach is healthier and more manageable.

Abe was initially disappointed that her waist was not getting slimmer even though she was doing hula hoop every day. In fact, there were even days when she measured herself and the opposite happened. But when the TV show producer asked her if she wanted out, she said: “No, I won’t quit!”
On the last day, she did it for 15 minutes non-stop, swinging the hoop 1,482 times, and the final verdict was a reduction of 1 cm (0.4″).

Her efforts were praised by everyone on the show, and fans on social media agreed, saying:
“Hula hooping for a whole week, that’s some amazing determination.”
“I’m even more of a fan now, seeing how courageous she is.”

“It’s really great that she took this opportunity and gave it her all,” said actor Katsuhisa Namase, a guest on the show, adding that he was rooting for Abe as she pursues her goal of becoming a star actress.
Abe will have a role in the live-action adaptation of “Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!,” coming to Japanese theaters soon.
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