Israeli soldiers were criticized for uploading “naughty” poses after hundreds of people lost their lives in a conflict near Gaza.

The videos uploaded onto social media show that young Israeli soldiers are wearing seductive outfits dancing with weapons by their sides.

Natalia Dadeevy, a Tiktok account holder, shares that she is a substitute soldier of the Israeli Arms Force for 2 years. Natalia attracts the attention of more than half a million Tiktok users when uploading videos with content that supports the Israeli army.

Natalia also gave controversial comments on Tiktok, saying Palestine is “finding ways to destroy Israel” but turns out to face “one of the most powerful forces on earth”.

In another video, Natalia declared: “I am proud to be an Israeli soldier. Now tell me do I look like someone who will harm the innocent?”.

“Please stop fake news about Israel. We have the most virtuous army”, she added.
Yael Deri, another Tiktok account holder with 1.4 million followers, described herself a member of Ta-oz battalion. This young girl often shares videos of her lip-syncing in army BOTs.

Israel is one of a few countries in the world that has the policy forcing women to join the army at the age of 18. The compulsory duration for women is 2 years while for men 2 years and a half.

Professor Rebecca Stein at Duke University believes the Israeli army still considers them to be “volunteer forces on social media” and it is very important to them.

“Israel has a long-lasting history of supporting the beauty of their army uniforms as a symbol of nationalism. The Israeli army is taking advantage of social media as new ways for adapting to the digital age”, Rebecca explains.

Videos of seductive Israeli army personnel have sparked outrage as the conflict between Israel and Palestine are heated.

Their videos were viral right after the conflict between Israel and Hamas Forces of Palestine in the Gaze Strip cost the lives of 256 people.

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