The internet is a wonderful place where you can find memes, cute cat and dog videos. And if you’re a fan of those videos, we’re quite sure that you have seen one of a little Shiba Inu in Japan whose job is to be a cashier at a sweet potato stall located in a residential area in Sapporo, Japan.

Normally, the store looks like there is no one there but upon hearing the sound of approaching footsteps, customers were greeted with an enthusiastic canine showing off a sweet smile.

However, that smile is no more as Ken, the Shiba Inu cashier has succumbed to disease and has passed on. This announcement was made on Ken’s official Instagram page.

It is understood that Ken the Shiba Inu was feeling a little under the weather on 31 May 2021 so his owner proceeded to seek medical treatment for him. After a few days on 5 June, the doggo went back home with an “oxygen house” in tow. The next day, Ken’s condition deteriorated and the canine took his last breath on 6 June, 12.50 pm JPT.

In his memorial post, Ken’s owner says that he is sure the doggo was happy with all the support he received from everyone.

“I’m glad I came back to the house where my shop is. Everyone, thank you very much.”

It is unknown what will happen to the sweet potato shop and if the owner will be continuing the business. Be it as it may, we hope that the little doggo will rest in peace in doggy heaven!

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