Zen gardens are also known as Ku Shan Shui Karesansui in Japanese. They consist of carefully placed rocks, well-pruded bushes and gravel that is raked into patterns that imitate flowing water. These gardens are meant to aid meditation on the true meaning and purpose of existence.

Famous karesansui stone gardens like Ryoan-ji in Kyoto attract tourists from all over the globe to see them, enjoy the wabi-sabi aesthetic and meditate to find inner peace.This cat in Kuhonbutsu Jodo Buddhist temple Jiu Pin Fo Jing Zhen Si, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo seems to have found peace.

This cat-lover, kmt ( @syu9ji2 ) captured the feline’s freewheeling adventures through the lense of Twitter user, doujin artist, and cat-lover kmt ( @syu9ji2 ). kmt’s photos show a cat “at one” in the Zen garden, according to a viral tweet that has already received 137,000 likes and 39,000 replies at the time this article was written.

Ah, the privileges of being a cat. As you can imagine, the only humans ever allowed to step inside are those who tend to the garden and create the beautiful patterns in the gravel with their rakes. And even they aren’t allowed to sleep there…If you’d like to visit the garden, it’s located within the grounds of Kuhonbutsu Jōshinji Jōdo Buddhist temple 九品仏浄真寺 at 東京都世田谷区奥沢7丁目41-3 (7-41-3 Okusawa Setagaya-ku Tokyo), a 3-minute walk from Kuhonbutsu Station on the Tokyu Oimachi Line:

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