A 26-year-old man has been called the “King of the Hosts” in Tokyo, Japan for a good reason.

Roland started working at host clubs — where people meet modern geishas — at 18.
At the time, Roland had just dropped out of a prestigious Tokyo University, according to Maison de Beaute.

He quit school simply because he could not imagine working in a corporation for 200,000 yen (about $1,800 a month) until retirement.

That choice proved to be right as he now manages one of the most popular clubs in Kabukicho, an area in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward with the densest concentration of host and hostess outlets.
To top that off, he reportedly makes as much as 42 million yen (about $370,000) a month.

That being said, it’s not surprising that Roland holds the record for the most “sales” in a day, month and year.
Last year, his patrons reportedly spent a whopping 10 million yen in just three hours (about $88,000).
However, things had not always been easy for Roland.

He was off to a rough start, struggling to find clients in his first year of working as a host.

Yet Roland persisted despite all the challenges — and eventually achieved an emperor status in the industry.
“There are two types of men in the world: me and the rest,” he once said.

It’s hard to tell what makes Roland a fantastic host without actually experiencing his company, but patrons are saying that his charming personality and flirting skills seal the deal.
He also pays careful attention to his looks, hitting the gym for hours on a daily basis and maintaining his facial features via cosmetic surgery every month.

Roland has spent 10 million yen (about $88,000) on cosmetic procedures, such as double eyelid surgery, nasal reshaping and Botox injections.
He then spends 200,00 yen (about $1,800) a month on touch-ups, Oddity Central noted.

All that surgery was worth it, however, as Roland saw his earnings increase by more than twofold.

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