A mother leaves a cardboard cut-out of herself in her one-year-old son’s room to stop him from crying in an ingenious hack for parents.

Fuki Sato from Japan puts the print up around the house so her toddler feels like she is there.

The boy caught on within 20 minutes the first time, but his father – who posted the video on his Twitter page @sato_nezi – bought another life-size cut-out which now successfully dupes him.

One shows the mother standing up, while the other has her kneeling on the floor smiling.In the footage, which has been seen more than 2million times, Mrs Sato puts one of the cut-outs at the entrance to the kitchen as her son plays in front of the TV.

Her husband films from the sofa as she sneaks out the room and closes the door.
The father is heard chuckling as the toddler looks around for his mother and appears to be content that she is in the kitchen.The boy is seen continuing to play with a box of toys in front of the cardboard image.His father captioned the clip: ‘It’s hard because my one-year-old child cries as soon as mom disappears.’As a countermeasure, I experimented with what would happen if I set up a ”life-sized panel mother”.’

He added: ‘As a result, it is not noticed for about 20 minutes. This panel may be useful occasionally…’

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