Novak Djokovic Says He Will Not Get Covid-19 Vaccine And May Be Banned From The French Open And Wimbledon

Serbian tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has stated that he is willing to miss future tennis tournaments such as the French Open and Wimbledon as opposed to getting a Covid-19 vaccine. Djokovic missed out on the Australian Open earlier this year after entering the country, leading to him being detained in an immigration centre and then … Read more

Two Greek Expatriates Killed By Ukrainian Army

Soon after the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs called for Greek citizens to leave Ukraine, the death of two members of the diaspora community were announced in the country. Two soldiers of the Ukrainian army were taken into custody for the murders. The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an announcement: “We express our … Read more

Students In California Protest Following Ban Of Milk Chocolate At Their School

It has been reported by Local12 news that several students in California have staged a protest after their school removed milk chocolate from the lunch menu. The protest took place at a Vacaville Kindergarten following the ban of chocolate from the eighth-grade school due its increased sugar content. The students at Vacaville’s Sierra Vista K-8 … Read more

Grandmother Pictured Preparing For War In Ukraine Was Being Trained By Far-Right Paramilitary Group

A picture taken just under a week ago of a Ukrainian grandmother learning to use an AK-47 assault rifle in preparation for a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine was being trained by an extreme-right paramilitary group known for links to neo-Nazism, that is according to UK newspaper the Daily Mail. The image of 79-year-old, Valentyna … Read more

53-Year-Old Plumber Spends Over $77,500 To Help 10,000 Vulnerable Families By Fixing Their Heating And Plumbing For Free

James Anderson, a 53-year-old plumber, has been offering his services for free to the elderly and disabled since 2017, when he founded the non-profit organisation, Depher. For the past four years, James has been working for 70 hours every day without taking a day off. He has so far assisted more than 10,000 families. His … Read more

Elon Musk Argues Against Immortality Technology, Saying It’s Better That We Die

Elon Musk has warned against the dangers posed by technology that could prolong the lives of powerful people indefinitely. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council Summit on Monday, the billionaire and entrepreneur said that allowing people to live too long, and potentially forever, could endanger the progress of future generations. Musk … Read more

Greek Foreign Ministry Condemns ‘Desecration’ Of The Orthodox Sumela Monastery In Turkey Following Dance Party

The Foreign Ministry of Greece has said that the party that took place in Turkey at the former Orthodox Christian monastery, Sumela, is ‘offensive’ and that is poses ‘a desecration’ of the monument. The Ministry has now asked on Turkish authorities “to do their utmost to prevent such acts from being repeated” on the site, … Read more

Woman Who Grew Up In Foster Care Adopts Six Boys

A woman from Wisconsin who grew up in foster care has legally adopted six boys as a single mom. At 12 years old, Jessica Benzakein saw her life suddenly change dramatically. She told TODAY Parents: “My caseworker, his name was Ron, sat me and down and said, ‘Your mother has terminated her parental rights. What’s … Read more

City In England Mandates Buildings Be Constructed With ‘Bee Bricks’ Providing Nests For The Bee Population

The city council in the English city of Brighton & Hove, which sets on the south coast, has mandated that all buildings over 5 metres be constructed with so-called ‘bee-bricks‘. Bee-bricks look like regular construction bricks but are manufactured with tiny holes that allow bees to nest. Contrary to what is perhaps common belief, only … Read more

17-Year-Old Student In Milwaukee Gets Nursing Degree 6 Months Before Graduating From High-School

A teen in Milwaukee has made headlines after earning her nursing degree 6 months before graduating from High School. Imunique Triplett, who is 17, completed the Licensed Practical Nursing Program which will allow her to follow a path into general nursing, teaching, or a related field. She is also the first student in the history … Read more