You may think you’ve seen all kinds of designs, shapes, and sizes of cups and saucers there are in the world, from the Victorian times to the modern-day. Although the creators to come up with spectacular designs for these cups and saucers, a scientific approach to their designing is something unheard of.

Well, Luycho Inc., a Korean company, is revolutionizing the design and manufacture of cups and saucers. The company offers ‘a new world on mirrors’ and uses various applied technologies in the cup and saucer designing. The end result is a mirror cup with a design that is realistically reflected on the saucer it’s kept on, in the same proportions as a real curved mirror would reflect.

Another design of the cup uses linear mirrors with 24 sides and a saucer. When the cup is placed on the saucer, the 24-sided mirror reflects broken patterns on the saucer and the images repeatedly appear and disappear as the cup is rotated.This technique of accurate reflection has been perfected by Cho Yul, a Korean professor, who has mastered the science of reflection, refraction, and shadow for over three decades. His son, Cho Sang Ha, realized the potential of his father’s expertise and roped him in to evolve a new product concept for designing his cup and saucer merchandise.

Luycho Inc.was established in 2013 and projected itself as a lifestyle brand that combines both technology and art. The company’s mission is to ‘contribute to the happiness of mankind in life with the playful value of art’. Most of the cup designs include endangered animals with the aim to make the user aware of their plight.The unique cups and saucers are available both in black and white and in vibrant colors. These pieces of crockery certainly make a unique style statement.Buy Luycho Saucer and Cups: Buy From Amazon (Affiliate Link)












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