Get ready for the most thrilling train ride of you life. Universal Studios Japan will unveil a new Demon Slayer ride at the park in September. This ride was inspired by 2020’s box office smash ‘Demon Slayer – Mugen Train’.

It surpassed Titanic and’Ghosted Away to become Japan’s highest-grossing film.

It was a huge success in Japan, with anime fans from all over the world overwhelmingly enjoying the film. So it was only natural that Demon Slayer merchandise would soon be followed by a Demon Slayer-themed ride. Fans of the franchise don’t have long to wait. The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba XR Ride will open at Osaka’s Universal Studios Japan on Sept 17th. It will remain available until February 13 2021.

Maximum thrills – This high-speed roller coaster uses VR technology to give the illusion of riding the Mugen Train, the high-speed locomotive that was featured in the movie. The park will also revamp its Hollywood Dream roller coaster to reflect the theme of Demon Slayer. This ride will feature the voices of characters such as Kamado, who is along for the ride.

It was hard not to notice the excitement surrounding the new Demon Slayer movie in Japan and abroad. We have a guide for you to refer to in case of emergency.


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